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Smoking Mountain

Smoking Mountain, Canvas Art International, Amsterdam, 2003

Youngmean Kang has shipped his moped to Holland.
Already for a week he is cruising Amsterdam on it.
The first people he met were policemen, and 'like
a good Korean custom' they exchanged business cards.
The gallary of Canvas International Art is serving as a garage.
He is also showing his cartoonish paintings, pictures and
diary-drawings that report of his wild adventures.
All of this behind a background of a pile of sand and grafitti of a smoking
mountain that references to the small vulcanic Korean
island where 350 years ago Hendrick Hamel washed ashore.
Aritst escaped from gallery riding motor scooter at the opening.
He represents Hamel's escape 350years ago.
Hamel was dutchman and shipwrecked in Korea.(Het PAROOL)

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